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SEO In 2016
SEO is both an art and a science; At its foundation it’s actually quite a simple and ongoing process. You can’t just optimize your site in a day and expect hordes of paying visitors to come galloping in, wallets out. The rules are always changing and what works for one site may not work for another. You need to tweak and test continually until you find something that works. Then tweak and test some more!
It’s also important to realize that site engine optimization is only a subset of your overall marketing plan, albeit an important one and should be treated as such. You should use other methods to drive traffic to your website.
The reason SEO is so important is that if you reach the first page in Google or other search engines then you will have visitors coming to your site and buying your products while you are lying on the beach spending your new found wealth. This is called passive income and is it really this easy to achieve?
Well, yes and no…..unfortunately mostly no
There are 3 parts to SEO

1. Approach and Research
It’s really a misnomer that you optimize a site for search engines. What you really need to do is pick an overall niche for your site and then optimize each page based on subjects or products you are selling within that niche.
This is where keyword research comes in…
A keyword isn’t necessarily a word but can be a phrase that people use in search engines to look for a particular topic. There are many keyword research tools which do most of the legwork for you but you have to use them to do your own intelligent research. Most of them use Google’s Adwords engine to drive them and have a different GUI over the top. Some of the more popular pieces of software are Wordtracker and Market Samurai although you can get a free Adwords account which will give you much the same information.
There are 3 main considerations. A profitable keyword should be one that has enough search volume. That is, enough people are actually typing your term into their search bars. This term should be of value which means if you are selling something then the people searching are willing to buy. If you find a keyword which fulfils these first two criteria then you should also test it for competitiveness. There is no point finding a keyword which could potentially make you millions if there are other companies with enormous marketing budgets competing with you for these visitors. The number 1 spot on Google gets 42% of visitors, number 2 gets 12% and so on with the second page getting practically nothing. In fact when you get to below the first page ‘fold’ it’s hardly worth it.
2. On-Site SEO
So what do you do when you’ve found a potentially profitable keyword?
You need to optimize your site for 2 very different kinds of visitors. Real people and robots.
People like to read quality content and so your articles should be well written, informative and relevant to your search term. Google can track the amount of time that people spend on your page after having clicked through from their search engine and the longer they stay, the more relevant Google sees your page as being.
Search engine robots can also test for relevance, keyword density and a multitude of other factors. They also want to search through the other pages of your site easily and so it’s always a good idea to have a site map to assist them in this process.
3. Off-Site SEO
After you’ve created your perfectly optimized page you need to create some back-links and here’s where it can get a little tricky. Search engines don’t want to see just any kind of links to your site and with the amount of spam on the internet you have to show that you are important to your industry and not likely to hit your visitors with a load of rubbish.
Google et al have assigned different different ratings to sites according to their perceived trustfulness or authority. To do this they given each site they have cached a page rank value, based on many factors but with an objective of giving visitors the best internet experience possible. Therefore, you want to get your links on these pages or even better BE one of these pages rather than just linking to as many spammy pages as possible. Sites with agov oredu extension generally have a higher page rank value than some others.
The conclusion here is, once again quality over quantity. Spend some time building quality back-links and over time your patience and diligence will be rewarded.
As you build your pages and your site you need to constantly test, test, test to see how your efforts are doing and track your ROI. There are many SEO reporting tools which you should use constantly. Run two similar campaigns side by side to compare, drop the least profitable one and then tweak something in the good one and test and compare again. Google Analytics is a free service designed to assist you in this.
This has just been a very short introduction into SEO and how it can help your business and website that I hope you’ve found helpful. Build your website and conduct it like a business, taking time to research for keywords, optimizing your pages and building quality back-links and you should see some success. There are no long term short-cuts in internet business as the trend is definitely moving towards favouring sites that provide quality and relevance to internet users. Also remember that SEO should just form one part of your marketing campaign and shouldn’t be relied upon solely.
The buzz-phrase in SEO is ‘Content is KING’ now go and make a dollar!

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